LONDON - PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has declared the London round of talks over reinstatement of judges as resultless, saying there was no progress in parleys with PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. Talking to reporters after two rounds of talks with Asif Zardari, Nawaz said that he differed with the PPP Co-Chairman on some points. He said PCO judges had no legal status. Nawaz said PML-N showed flexibility with regard to PCO judges so that the ruling alliance could remain intact. He said PCO judges could be retained on ad hoc basis. Nawaz said both the parties remained firm on their positions and if needed more talks could be held for which he decided to prolong his stay in London till Saturday (today) evening. He said agenda for the Friday's meeting was only the restoration of judiciary. Regarding London talks, the PML-N leader said he could speak on this issue only after May 12 and he was going to Pakistan on Saturday (today). He said PML-N would abide by its commitments and judges should be restored with honour and dignity. He said the Constitution would be restored to October 12, 1999 position. He said President Musharraf used institutions to extend his government's rule. Responding to a question, Nawaz said there was neither any foreign pressure on him nor would he accept such pressure. He said restoration of judiciary is vital for Pakistan's future and PML-N in consultations with PPP decided to include Aitzaz Ahsan, Fakhruddin Jee Ibrahim and Hafeez Pirzada in Judges Restoration Committee during Dubai talks. Nawaz said there was some difference of opinion over PCO judges between Aitzaz Ahsan and Hafeez Pirzada. Earlier, the first round of talks between the two leaders ended without making any progress. Both the leaders failed to achieve consensus on the restoration of the judges. However, they agreed to continue the negotiations. After the talks, both the leaders accompanied by Shahbaz Sharif left for a hospital where Kulsoom Nawaz is under treatment. Earlier, on arrival at the residence of Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari said the ruling coalition is not in jeopardy, adding the nation will hear a good news regarding judges. Ishaq Dar, Khawaja Asif, Ghaus Ali Shah and Hussain Haqqani attended the meeting. When the leaders came out after the negotiations, Asif Zardari kept quiet most of the time on questions posed by the journalists. However, Nawaz Sharif told mediamen that the talks are still under way and will continue a little afterwards. Nawaz ruled out possibility of MQM's inclusion in the negotiations. The second round of talks between the two leaders held at an unknown place but there was no outcome and Nawaz Sharif had to concede that that the talks were unsuccessful. "We will wait till May 12 for PPP decision. Zardari has sought more time," he said and added "We agreed to have bitter pill and accepted Abdul Hameed Dogar's court." Responding to a question, Nawaz said PML-Q was responsible for this whole crisis. "They destroyed the judiciary which is hurting the coalition," he added. PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif has said that the deadlock persisted in talks with the PPP regarding judges' restoration. In an interview with TheNation, he said, "We tried our best to settle the issue through dialogue so that we can hold our heads high before the nation. But till yet, there is no progress in dialogue in this regard." He said the PML-N would honour the commitment it had made to the people in February 18 elections. We will even try to settle the issue in remaining two days of the deadline and in case otherwise happens, we will decide future line of action in a party meeting called in Islamabad on May 12. To a question, he said the PML-N had majority seats in Punjab and there is no danger to our government in this province. Newsdesk adds: Differences persisted during the negotiations in London between PML-N and PPP leadership over the reinstatement of deposed judges. After the long but fruitless talks PPP leadership has asked for more time but Nawaz has made it clear on Zardari that he would wait for a resolution and an executive order on May 12 failing which he and his party may decide separation from the coalition, sources said. He, however, said that PML-N did not want to bring his alliance with the PPP to an end but in case the judges were not reinstated the party would be forced to withdraw ministers. PML-N is prepared to accept the judges posted after November 3 as ad hoc judges maintaining that Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry can appoint them in that position but Asif Zardari is insistent that PCO judges should be accepted as permanent judges. According to the sources, the deadlock continued and no breakthrough could be achieved due to non-flexible attitude of both the sides. Nawaz made it clear on Zardari that the presidency would try to draw advantage of the failure of talks, however, his party would not withdraw support to the PPP even after quitting the federal cabinet. Sources also reported that Nawaz had a telephonic discussion with parliamentary leader of his party Ch Nisar Ali Khan after the failure of negotiations making him aware of the progress of talks. He also told him that the final decision would be taken in the meeting of the party central executive committee on May 12. APP adds: Law Minister Farooq H Naek has said that he does not think that the National Assembly session will be convened on May 12 to pass the resolution for restoration of pre-November 3 judiciary. "I do not foresee the session will possibly be summoned on the fixed date due to some urgencies," Naek told mediapersons at Parliament House on Friday. Naek is a member of the committee formed by PPP and PML-N to work out plan for restoration of deposed judges. He said the committee has finalised draft for resolution to be submitted in the National Assembly, however, a few reservations from some members still need to be addressed. "Aitzaz Ahsan and Hafeez Pirzada had some difference of opinion, so we asked them to submit their points of view in writing," Naek said adding, the committee has received submissions of Aitzaz and hopes Pirzada's would also be delivered soon. Replying to a question about status of present judges, the Law Minister said in case the present judges are retained then the legal complexity would be solved through amendment in Supreme Court's Act of number of judges, which says the maximum number of judges including CJ would be 17. "The Act can be amended through a bill in the parliament or otherwise an Ordinance can also be promulgated under Article 59 of the Constitution," Naek said. The Law Minister also said that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani has directed the Ministry of Law and Justice to speed up work on drafts of provincial autonomy, NAB Ordinance and jail reforms.