DUBAI (APP) - Pakistan duo of Khurram Agha and Muhammad Sajjad Rana bowed out from the quarter-final stage of 24th Asian Snooker Championship after a keen tussle on Thursday evening. Last year's Asian number three Khurram, who toppled favourites Muhammad Shehab, fought gallantly before going down against former Asian Champion Jin Long of China 5-3 at Dubai Police Club Hall here. Debutant Muhammad Sajjad showing fighting qualities against Aditya Mehta of India, missed a crucial green in the eighth frame before making his exit after a 3-5 defeat. However, both Khurram and Sajjad offered their opponent a great challenge before going out. However, Saleh Muhammad's 0-5 defeat against Pankaj Advani however was disappointing. Khurram put up a brave fight after conceding 0-3 lead to Jin Long, Who made break of 74 in the second frame. Ex-Pakistan number one Khurram took frame four with a brilliant break of 62, which saw him reducing the deficit. Jin Long posted a break of 74 in the sixth frame to consolidate his position. Khurram bounced back in the match added with a neatly carved out clearance of 79 to make it 3-4. However, Chinese cueist stopped Khurram's threat by picking the 8th frame 76-27 to qualify for the pre-final. Like Khurram, Sajjad staged a magnificent recovery from 1-3 Down to level it 3-3. But Indian youngster Aditya kept his nerves to win intriguing next frame to enter the semi-final. Sajjad was heading to grab the exciting eighth frame after a break of 19 he failed to pot a green ball in the top pocket to get Indian opponent off the hooks. Aditya potted the green, brown, blue, pink and black ball to emerge winner.2003 world amateur champion Pankaj Advani, Jin Long and Moh Keen Hoo of Malysia also cruised into the semifinals with victories. Pankaj, who is rated favourites for the crown, showed his class after Bulajaing from China forge to gain 3-1 lead with superb cue control and break-building. Bulajaing got off to sterling with clearance of 113 in the opening frame and also picked the second. Pankaj pulled back third before Chinese got in control by grabbing the fourth frame in impeccable. The 22-year-old from Banglore Pankaj, who beat Pakistan's Saleh Muhammad in the world championship in China in 2003, staged a remarkable recovery and made Bulajaing mere a spectator with dazzling performances and precision display. A classic break of 119 - his third century break in competition, saw him at his brilliant best and he made it 3-3 by winning the next frame. The mounting pressure saw Bulajaing making crucial missing in eighth frame which allowed Pankaj to gain 4-3 lead and he sealed the fate of the quarterfinal by seizing final frame 112-13 that included a break of 86. Keen Moh Hoo of from Malaysia beat Hong Kongs Fung Kowk Wai 5-2 after match was tied 2-2.In an interesting scenario Fung Kowk was warned by Saudi referee Abdulla Janafi for misbehaviour. Following are quarter-final results: Jin Long (China) bt Khurram Agha (Pakistan) 5-3 (48-58, 07-74, 61-68, 84-52, 01-87, 79-0, 76-27), Aditya Mehta (India) bt Muhammad Sajjad Rana (Pakistan) 5-3 (58-05, 10-73, 01-119, 01-62, 13-78, 04-109,51-64, 76-44), Pankaj Advani (India) bt A.Bulajaing (China) 5-3(0-113, 20-72, 73-07, 34-64, 125-0, 74-07, 72-29, 112-13),Moh Keen Hoo (Malaysia) bt Fund Kowk Wai (Hong Kong) 5-2(79-09, 10-56, 32-92, 85-35, 51-09, 62-21).