ISLAMABAD - Afghan refugees living in Islamabad have appealed to the government and international community to pay attention to their genuine problems and let them stay till peace in Afghanistan. They said that there are neither state infrastructure nor living facilities available in Afghanistan for peaceful life. Moreover, law and order situation is so worst that even the president of Afghanistan is not safe. How the Afghans living in Pakistan, despite their willingness, could go back in that condition?,  they said. They expressed these views in a legal camp organized by Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP) under its Project called Advice and Legal Aid Center (ALAC).  A large number of Afghans gathered and discussed their problems with the lawyers and representative of UNHCR. "We are highly obliged to government and people of Pakistan for their humanitarian support to the Afghans, stated Afghan elders, though, they have problems here like schooling for children, health facilities for women apart from sanitation and water. But even then at least they have peaceful life in Pakistan and there are no security threats to them, they said.  They appreciated UNHCR and the international community for continued assistance to the Afghans living in Pakistan and admitted that they realize the problems of Pakistani government as well and they are willing to go back to their homeland but the situation in Afghanistan is not conducive for them in Afghanistan. "Where would we go and where would we settle in Afghanistan," questioned one 82 years old Afghan. They requested the government of Pakistan to allow them to saty in Pakistan till peace in Afghanistan.