ISLAMABAD - Tanzara's walls displayed magnificent paintings depicting life like colours of nature made by the magic strokes of three artists here on Friday. Three eminent artists Attiquah Abbasi, Raja Najamul Hassan and Samina Jamshed, displayed their work on nature in a new refreshing style. Samina's strong landscapes stand out among the young painters of today. It is a refreshing and uncomplicated style with balanced composition and energy floating to captivate eyes.  "I want to bring out sensitivity of nature in my paintings; usually I work on the spot and I prefer to choose such place, where I can get a chance to paint even the minor details of the landscape", Samina, while talking to TheNation said. Introducing a new style of her own, Samina Jamshed beautifully portrayed landscapes of Ayub Park and Rawal Dam with dark green colours.   Having worked with veteran artist Raja Changez Sultan, Samina has developed an innovative style in her pieces, where her subject matter harbours on spirituality that cuts across the material concern. Her work stands out among the young painters of today. She has a new vision and a new set of techniques to express her paintings. Najmul Hassan's landscapes reflect the tranquility of nature, whether it is desert, sea or wide-open fields, the bold impasto use of his palette knife creates diverse textures and he result is a serene depiction of light and colour. He portrays village life, which keeps one away from hustle and bustle of urban areas and gives very soothing effect. There are no figures inhabiting the landscape paintings of Raja Najmul Hassan, only the tranquil pattern of nature reflected in deserts, fields and seas. He paints unsullied golden beaches that stretch outwards to mingle with brightest blue sea. The views gaze continuously to travel across the surface until the sea becomes one with the sky on the horizon. There are arch ways, stairs, towers and streets heavily textured through the medium of a palette knife technique with out the finesse and detail of brush stroke, Najmi endeavours to bring a vigorous and spontaneous feel to his work through paint layered densely in toning shades. Exploring the tonal qualities of colour, compositions are often brought together by a single focused point. The artist appears fascinated by rich and bright yellow of mustards and fill canvas surface with vast mustard fields, in a aesthetically rich manner. Working with theme of "Sursoon", Najam paints fields of villages with packed full sursoon and lush green trees. In his recent work, he also displayed two paintings of Rohtas Fort. Attiquah Abbasi is an artist whose love for nature is reflected in her paintings. She is among a handful of painters who take pleasure in painting wildlife in a realistic mode. Her work is strong and dramatic. She brilliantly paints collages of tigers. She portrays different types of tigers and it is her quality that force viewers to think about wildlife.