Since October 7, 1958 the khakis and baboos have exercised complete control of all state institutions in Pakistan. The people's verdict of February 18, 2008 has no significance. Half a century of confusion and manipulation will not evaporate in days. The strength of the political leadership is in unity as there are no heavyweights in the arena to nail the establishment's coffin. The real threat to this evil empire comes from the legal fraternity and the civil society. Political leadership on its own cannot contain the establishment's onslaught despite the required majority in the parliament. General Musharraf should have been impeached by now. The noose is being tightened around the democratic necks. The mandate for change calls for action, which they have failed to initiate despite public pressure. The power game at that level is no child's play. If the establishment prevails over the elected leadership the mantle will fall on the legal fraternity and the civil society. Long march to the 'Army House' in Rawalpindi seems to be the only viable option left if every thing else fails to drive out its illegal occupant. The empire has now focused on weakening the lawyers' movement. The pro-establishment forces are teaming up to strike back. The lawlessness in Multan on April 14, 2008 is another stroke of the empire. The historic city has gained prominence as the sitting PM and foreign minister hail from there. The power crisis created by the establishment's rule has no short term fix. Why did the protesters endure hardships for months and then waited for the new government to take over before ransacking the MEPCO office. The power crises are of the making of the khaki Chairman of WAPDA while another khaki has held the alternative energy programme hostage. The new democratic government in Punjab has axed superannuated baboos. Now it is time to get rid of the out-of-place khakis as well. All commercial entities must come under professional leadership to break the status quo. The writ of the state has been challenged by our intelligence outfits. The ISI has no business to indulge in civil matters. That includes toppling of elected governments. Intelligence Bureau should only limit itself to investigation and information gathering. Military Intelligence (MI) again should be confined to matters military. Then there are two other outfits: The FIA and the CID. They too are out of control. The legal fraternity and the civil society will have to come on the streets together with traders and students to bring about a change. The elected government can contain the state apparatus and refrain from violence on unarmed civilians. Police in civilian clothes and agency personnel should be immediately withdrawn from civilian areas. Within the democratic order there are agencies sponsored political parties. Such forces too have to be dealt with sternly. Establishment's protgs have played havoc with the democratic process and rule of law. Supporters of the empire are also evil and must be cornered as Pakistan moves in the direction of democracy and institution building. The writer is Ex-Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation