For the common people of Pakistan, the most important issue is justice. They have suffered innumerable injustices at the hands of their employers, ruling elite, the village feudal chief, the local police, the mohalla thug and various government functionaries. Who can they turn to when the daughter of a peasant is raped, or they are made victims of forced slave labour, or are deprived of their lands or homes? Did anybody in Islamabad's corridors of power tried to punish the rapists of Shazia Khalid or the likes of her among the thousands of women who suffered the fate that befell Mukhtaran Mai? General Musharraf removed the elected PM of Pakistan on October 12, 1999, when he tried to remove him from his assignment of Army chief, a power, which the PM enjoyed constitutionally. Yet the General has not cared two hoots while thousands of government and semi government employees were summarily dismissed in violation of rules. For 8 long years the general ruled Pakistan by diktat, till a person holding the portfolio of Chief Justice Of Pakistan stood up to him and refused to be booted out unceremoniously. -GULZAMAN KHAN, Paris, France, via e-mail, April 22.