Wasim Akram - the most versatile and successful bowler Pakistan has produced todate, made some very uncharitable remarks on the lifting of Shoaib Akhtar's ban. It is such a pity that an outstanding player like Wasim should have gone against a fellow player to take the side of a PCB Chairman. Wasim himself cannot cast any stone for as I wrote earlier "After Imran no Captain has laid claim to being undisputed leader of the team. Before Imran the stories of Javed Burki, and his disgraceful behaviour when introducing the team to Her Majesty the Queen. Wasim Akram being caught on the Beach in the Windies for smoking Pot by a local Cop, and taken to the Police Station at 2 am, when, for a few shillings he could have asked for and been given an additional supply of the weed by the same officer of the 'law". That was such a seriously bad judgement call, that I would hesitate to allow him to walk my dog, let alone lead the Pakistani team. His performance with the Ball is another matter and not under dispute. It is his leadership, and Command that are found wanting." For Waseem to now join the fray against Shoaib is just not cricket. Naseem was himself an appointee of President Musharraf - on a whim, thus driving Pakistan lower in performance and in the rankings. In fact Doc Naseem's appointment was on the wings of sycophancy, and shows the efficacy of flattery over substance. Having suspended the ban on Shoaib, one is led to believe that the issue was one of a personal matter between the Chairman and a player. The Chairman decided to wear his PCB mantle to file for defamation. This suit has since been withdrawn, but one wonders what the outcome would have been, for the good Doctor may not be aware of the acutely keen focus there would have been on Naseem's public and private life. It was a sensible decision for Naseem, and now the five year suspension should also be thrown out by the board. This board and its Chairman should be fired by the President (for he was the appointing authority -in the first place. ) It also highlights his serious judgement flaws in his selection of posts for cronies. Unfortunately for Pakistanis we take our cricket very seriously, and now with a free media, the stupidity of our Chairmen is a fair target. The latest remarks by the Senate committee on Sports show the disdain of the Chairman by lying over his reasons for non-appearance before the Hon Senators, in itself serious misconduct, which may entail jail time. Senator Baig has a fearsome reputation, and does not take insults lightly. As I said in an earlier piece, the ECL, and a NAB enquiry may not be far behind. With the sporting world making massive strides, our neighbour being a prime example, we are in danger of being left behind. Our major asset is the huge pool of talent at our disposal. This talent will be showcased in other more lucrative arenas, which bodes well for our players, and will only heighten the dismal shortsightedness of the ruling administrations. With a democratic Government in place, more probing questions will be asked, and hopefully heads will roll to be replaced by more sensible people who will be careful in producing results for the country. Sports is one field in which the performance cannot be hidden, - not for too long. With a lively media, all the glaring discrepancies will out, and the pathetic fall in our sporting standards can be addressed, and corrected. Talent will now gravitate to finding better sponsors, who will arrange coaches, and a decent wage. Thanks to the new 20/20 formula next door, and the massive marketing, the TV audience including Pakistanis, will be treated to some awesome cricket. The flamboyance of the batsmen will be there to attack and decimate the bowler no matter who. Our very own Shoaib will be taking the field for Kolkatta on Thursday, and we Pakistanis will be watching every ball delivered, and praying for him to strike terror and the wickets. The tournament has already taken the ratings of GEO sports to a high, away from the most watched channels. The highest ratings were for the political talk shows, which does indicate that the Pakistani audiences are the most politically knowledgeable in the region. This should make the politicians more wary of taking our public for granted for people like Wasi Zafar, and Ahmed Raza Kasuri will now be targeted by the irate, and, once out of their bullet-proof protection the angry public will turn on the rulers. This will be the true face of democracy, yet to be seen by our politicians cum royalty. The media was quick to react on the by-election postponement and the Election Commission could not avoid the glare of media spotlight. The Prime Minister himself and Asif Zardari having to move speedily to correct the faux pas.