The DPO of Dir told Radio Pakistan on April 26 that 'outsiders' were being noticed among the ranks of Taliban. The fact that all Taliban are not local and a number of foreigners especially Tajiks and Uzbeks are roaming around in the guise of Taliban means that the demand of Shariah or Nizam-e-Adl is not the issue. The involvement of foreigners in the Taliban movement shows that the Taliban agenda is not Shariah etc, but something else entirely. The reports that hidden powers want Pakistan weakened through a clash between our military and Taliban seem true. The net result of that would be that our nuclear assets are likely to be threatened. It is said that even Indians are roaming in the guise of Taliban and the Indian currency is being used and distributed among them besides dollars. A number of Taliban speak English and many of them do not know Pushto. They do not unveil their faces and this speaks volumes about their real identity. It is very important for Pakistan to launch the military operation and kick these forces of evil out of our territory once and for all. It is mandatory for every Pakistani citizen to identify them if he comes across them and help the security forces fight them. Remember if we want to make the military campaign a success, we can't leave it to the security forces alone. -SHER KHAN, Swabi, via e-mail, April 27.