The farmers are humiliated and exploited and treated like beggars twice every season, once before sowing when they go for buying fertilizer and then again at the time of selling their produce. The prices of inputs are pushed up at sowing and that of produce pushed down. Hidden hands manoeuvre to skim the cream. Billions are thus diverted to the pockets of nonproductive predators. The present wheat crop lying exposed to the vagaries of weather has a danger lurking over it and that is the scandal about the supply of bags. The designer bags of 50 kg are issued only by the staff of the Food Department who accept wheat only in these bags. A mafia in total concert seems to be working on wheat with MNAs, MPAs, and Food and Revenue officials all in cahoots in the loot of the poor farmer. The rich and influential have an easy ride. The common farmer is led through a maze of formalities before showing the door. The policies of government are being sabotaged at implementation level due to incompetence and corruption. A lot of stories have appeared in press about the ugly situation in many purchasing centres. Drastic measures for supervision, control and discipline are needed immediately and urgently. -ASLAM BAJWA, Lahore, via e-mail, April 26.