There is a deliberate effort on the part of very responsible personalities in USA to pressurise Pakistan to "use every possible option to eliminate Taliban and secure Pakistan." It has also been claimed that Taliban will reach Islamabad and that Pakistani nuclear assets would fall into their hands. Sequel to such statements some of our political leaders are also warning the Pakistanis of the eminent danger that the nation faces on account of Taliban. In the context of these statements, let us discern what reality lies behind the orchestration of these views, which Dr S.M. Koreshi, has rightly called this psychological warfare, as the process of "dehumanisation, demonisation and destabilisation." I would add one more to it: denuclearisation. First of all, we must understand the dynamics operating behind the phenomenon called Taliban. The western media, as well as we ourselves, have created such 'constructs' and have become their victim. For example, 'War on Terror' was one such construct. The reality however is that these are 'Wars of Liberation' and America has not been able to win any of these wars and has been humiliated as a consequence of the self-created construct, and now has abandoned the use of the term - War on Terror. The stark reality is that the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir, are fighting for their freedom, yet their armed resistance against aggression is being demonised as terrorism. The Taliban in Afghanistan are the real Taliban called mujahideen, when fighting the Soviets, now relentlessly struggling against the occupation of Afghanistan by USA and their allies. They do get help from our tribal areas and enter our borders, but soon return to fight the occupation forces. We have around a hundred thousand soldiers protecting our western frontiers, yet they have not been able to stop them, Why? The western media in general and the people of USA in particular, are phobic about Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda - another construct. Every Islamic Resistance is being termed Al-Qaeda. Mullah Omar's spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, explains the difference between Taliban and Al-Qaeda: "They are global, we are regional. We two are separate. We don't fight under their command. Recently we have welcomed some of their fighters," under the banner of the Shadow Army. As a result of this misconception, neither the Taliban have been eliminated nor Al-Qaeda has been defeated. General Musharraf launched military operation in 2004, against our tribals in Waziristan, "to catch the master-mind." The tribals retaliated, creating serious security problems. Erroneously, we started calling them Taliban, whereas they are our tribals. If we had dealt with them, with compassion, these very people could have turned into our vital force. However this is also true that within them there are a whole lot of foreign infiltrators and agent saboteurs, who are instigating the local people to fight against our government. These very tribals, prior to 2004, had never turned their guns on Pakistan, but they did react when they were subjected to attack. The strategy adopted by the NWFP government was to win over the hearts and minds of our estranged tribals, who responded positively. The people of Dir and Swat are demanding the implementation of Nizam-e-Adl which was also acceptable and endorsed by the Parliament. But this agreement became a matter of great distress for USA and their allies. We also know that the conspiracies being hatched from the territory of Afghanistan at the behest of the Indians, who took advantage of the concessions granted to CIA in 2002 to operate in our tribal areas. India fully collaborated in this conspiracy and we are reaping its consequences now. The ostensible purpose is to denuclearise Pakistan and establish the hegemony of India from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka. The incursions of Taliban into Buner and their onward march was presented in such frightful manner as to demoralise the Pakistani nation. As a matter of fact the propaganda launched by the media has been instrumental in sapping the morale of the people. In the meantime, the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation for the people of Swat has been high-jacked by the militants from the adjoining tribal areas joined by the intruders from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Xingjiang and Chechnya. Thus the Government of Pakistan has rightly decided to take punitive action and eliminate the threat - a conspiracy for 'regime change in Pakistan'. The prime minister's address shows the resolve to eliminate the threat with a heavy hand. There have been three attempts for Regime Change in the recent past. One: Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan in October 2007, under the deal with USA and General Musharraf. Having assessed the mood of the nation, she rejected the deal and paid with her life, and saved democracy. Two: In 2008, had General Kiyani not kept the army out of the election process on February 18, the results would have been far different and General Musharraf and his coteries would have remained in power. Three: In the same way, there was a conspiracy linked with the Long March of March 15, but the situation was defused by the government and the army, before the matter could get out of control. With reference to this conspiracy there was news in the Washington Post saying that our army "was poised to take over the political power but it was 'USA' which intervened to prevent the army from taking such a step," - a crude attempt to create ill-will between the government and the army leadership. Now an orchestrated attempt is being made to demoralise the nation. News was published in the New York Times that: "The days of Zardari are numbered." The Wall Street Journal also reported: "Asif Zardari has failed to deliver." In other words, "the dictations given to Zardari by USA were not fulfilled and therefore he was not to be trusted, hence the need for change." USA is also making determined efforts that Peoples Party (PPP) and Muslim League (N), who have achieved an understanding among themselves, differences be created between them to render the government weak and incompetent. Tempting offers have also been made to Nawaz Sharif as the new prime minister. On the contrary, the government, Mr Nawaz Sharif and the army leadership are fully alive to such conspiracies and have the resolve to defeat them. As far as Sufi Muhammad's recent statements are concerned, he seems to be helpless, because, the militants have high-jacked the Peace Accord and are interfering in the affairs of Swat and Buner. The military action against them consequently has started. It requires a cool mind to objectively assess the conspiracy behind the militants holdover Buner and Swat. USA is also threatening that should Pakistan hesitate to take action against the extremists, they themselves will take the initiative. But the ironical fact is that USA itself has not been able to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, and how can they deliver in our tribal areas. Thus, the ongoing military operations by the army are the antidote to the fourth conspiracy. USA will, therefore, have to revise its AfPak policy and support Pakistan to clear the mess. India is acquiring latest military technologies of which we are so afraid of. The USA and its allies possess such technologies they used in abundance in the 'shock and awe' wars in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and Afghanistan, yet they have not been able to win any of these wars. The aircrafts, gunships, tanks and guns, alone cannot deliver. Therefore the employment of about three infantry brigades in Swat is not enough. We need at least three to four infantry divisions - the foot soldiers now employed to flush out the light-footed militants. Moreover, the American and NATO troops can provide very meaningful support in the way of satellite intelligence, heli logistic support and sealing-off the Afghan-Pak border. The success against the militants would depend upon commitment and the spirit of sacrifice for the cause - the intangibles, which are the main determinants of the Pak forces. The Pakistan government and our armed forces have succeeded in defeating three conspiracies against Pakistan and are now engaged to defeat the fourth conspiracy in Swat. The Waziristan and Balochistan issues will also be politically settled through the inherent power of the elected government, which is quite capable of meeting the challenges, whereas the unelected governments of the past have contributed to the manifold problems that we face now. The good news is that the occupation forces in Afghanistan, may soon leave - a decision that will defuse the situation in Balochistan and Waziristan. The good days therefore are ahead and the nation shall again rise to strength and viability, Insha Allah. We must not devalue our 'will' to survive with respect and dignity and without servility. The US statesman, Woodrow Wilson said: "There is a price which is too great to pay for peace and that price can be put in one word. One cannot pay the price of self-respect." The writer is chairman, FRIENDS E-mail: