THE takeover of the Quaid-a-Azam Library from its managing committee and placement under the direct control of the Director General Libraries Punjab is a symptom rather than the disease itself, and points up the failure of the Punjab government to allow an institution to function democratically, or else the defects under the Societies Registration Act under which the replaced management committee was set up. This mirrors the takeover of the Punjab Public Library and the replacement of its committee, and thus the library takeover is not because elections resulted in a particular committee coming to office, but because the bureaucrats who become the DG Libraries' boss, the education secretary, or rather the higher education secretary nowadays, cannot tolerate a dispensation which is not totally under their control. The management committee mechanism was introduced so that libraries could avoid this kind of mindless governmental control, but because the department is still the funnel through which libraries get money from the Libraries Foundation, which gives the Quaid-e-Azam Library a large sum. However, though it was not thought about at the time of takeover, the Punjab government should have taken into consideration the fact that the management committee mechanism was provided because even the British recognized that the bureaucracy, on which it depended so much, was ill-suited to running libraries in particular, so it made libraries independent of bureaucratic control. Governments these days are busy getting out of all sorts of activities, especially services like libraries, because they usually make sure that they are not run to facilitate the user. Yet the Punjab government is acting the opposite. It must consider an early revival of the management committee basic to the revival of the fortunes of the library, which has been a library of reference for many years, and which was set up at great cost to the taxpayer.