The National Assembly has referred a bill to its relevant standing committee on April 14, 2009 proposing a quick legislation against reappointment of retired employees on contact basis at government and semi-government organizations. Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs did not oppose this bill but argued that such a permission of reappointment of retired employees usually provides rooms for wrongdoing and exploitation of young employees at government and semi-government organizations. The bill is a timely step to curb such wrongdoing. Given the rising unemployment in the country, this bill should be passed by National Assembly as soon as possible. In addition to this, the federal government should also take notice of the organizations where succession planning is not being carried out properly. Usually the reappointment of retired employees are made due to absence or lack of succession planning. All over the world, succession planning is regarded as an important HR tool to provide more scope for organizations to grow in desired direction in line with contemporary professional practices and ethics. -ZAID IBNE ALI, Karachi, via e-mail, April 16.