The PPP government has raised the support price of wheat to ensure that the commodity owned mainly by the feudals and the big land lords is not sold at a cheaper rate determined by the free market. And they have done so with out regard for whether the people have enough purchasing power to purchase it. I wonder why it is always the PPP that is responsible for taking the major anti-people measures during its regime. The founder chairman of the party used to boast that it was he who had made the oil-exporting Muslim countries to use oil as a political weapon and raise its price. While doing so, he always ignored the fact that how this price hike affected the poor oil importing countries like Pakistan. PPP it is during whose tenure the financial discipline went to dogs and the inflation shot up to an unprecedented level resulting in the steep fall in the price of labour. Unfortunately they had no plan for supporting price of labour. The people got pauperised as a result and started running away from their motherland by hook or crook risking even their lives in the process. PPP has also played havoc on the political side by making a deal in Swat with TNSM by pursuing their time-honoured policy of 'Udhar tum idhar hum' purely with the objective of keeping itself in power. -T. S. BOKHARI, Attock City, via e-mail, April 26.