There is yet anothertheoryas tohow Osama was traced. This has been narrated by one of my cousinsbased in Islamabad and has connections with technical people.It is preparation of a chip by scanningthe eyes of a human being. The chip is then implanted in a gadget and then transmitted to a satellite in space. This chip then locates the actual eyes on the ground where ever they are and hence the person is tracked. This latest chip technology is a step forwardon whichthe drones operate with pinpoint accuracy. The US scientists developed a chip of the eyes ofOsama from his close up photos byscanning theeyes on his photo. The chip of Osama eyes in the satellite located Osama on ground but the scientistswere doubtful about its effectiveness as the actual eyes were not used to make the chip. The chip however, indicated the location of eyes of Osama in a house at Abbotabad, Pakistanin Jan this year. Since the scientists were not sure about the accuracy of chip, the CIA moved its operators close to that house which was later raided. They carried out close surveillance of the house for about three months. Theyalso got a clue leading to that house from theintercept of Al-Kuwaiti messengers message. So once they were sure that the high profile and most wanted person is in the same house, they carried out surgical operation using their elite Navy SEAL troops in Black Hawk helicopters. It took them just 40 minutes to complete the operation and clear the areacarrying the dead body of their target i.e Osama Bin Laden. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, May 8