The Americans have arrogantly dismissed our demand for an apology for their blatant violation of Pakistans sovereignty by their assassination squad. On top of that, they are continuing drone attacks, killing innocent civilians, despite strong protests by our government, lawmakers and the army. Going a step further, they are now demanding to know the identity of our top intelligence officials, especially those of ISI, based on their suspicion that someone in the intelligence knew of Osama bin Ladens location and helped shield him. It does not occur to these thick-heads that if a Pakistani intelligence official wanted to shield Osama, they could not have got him so easily, without any significant resistance. The US has also asked Pakistan to show 'concrete actions to prove its commitment in the war against terrorism. This is so despite the fact that Pakistans sacrifices in the war on terror are more than those of US and its allies combined. Apart from civilians, we have lost thousands of soldiers dead and countless have been wounded in anti-terrorists activities. Our economic losses because of participation in the war on terror are many times more of what the US has given in aid. If the US officials are still not convinced of Pakistans sincerity to the cause, there is no point in trying to convince them because there are people about whom it is said that 'they cant get anything into their heads except through a fracture and we seem to be up against exactly that type of people. I hope our officials will stand their ground and will not give in to these good-for-nothing bullies who are adept at blaming others for their own failures. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, May 8.