United States has released five videos which were found by US forces during raid on OBLs compound in Abbottabad. According to US Officials the clips shown to reporters were just part of the largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever collected. Four out of five videos show OBLs speeches which were released to world media. Only one video shows OBL watching himself on TV screen. These videos have nothing extra ordinary in it. Many think that its just an attempt to diminish the speculations and doubts about the presence of Osama in that particular compound and legality of the operation vis--vis to malign Pakistan Army and its elite intelligence agency ISI. It is also an effort to answer the storm of criticism unleashed by American people and the world due to failure in releasing Osamas body pictures or videos. Another news, that Obama has taken oath of not disclosing the information from those marines who took part in operation to hunt down Osama is shocking and casts doubts about the legitimacy of operation. This seems like a Hollywood movie whose script is written in White House and filmed and posturized in Abbottabad. AMJAD CH, Sialkot, May 8.