Your editorial on 8 May pointed out how Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, when he was a foreign minister during Mushs hey days, had planned to make a deal on occupied Kashmir that both India and Pakistan would jointly rule the disputed state for first fifteen years and see later what to do. Somehow whenever I saw Kasuri, he reminded me of Brezhnev who had not lost a single strand of hair and who always looked angry, overbearing, and foaming on the mouth. Kasuris days of merrymaking are story of the past and so are they for his former boss, Musharraf, who occasionally pokes his nose in countrys affairs while, as a coward, he lives either in Dubai or London. The honest general has mansions at both locations besides a farmhouse in Boston. I often hear people betting if Mush would return. Almost 90 percent of them think he wouldnt because he has blood on his hands. And the argument seems rational because Mush was always known for having an overblown opinion of himself and treated everyone with contempt. Imagine such a man in his joggers and running on the periphery of the country without daring to step inside it. Perhaps it is Gods punishment for him that other recalcitrant should learn a lesson from. DR. A. P. SANGDIL, Norway, May 9.