ISLAMABAD- Chief of the Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed has said that the Federal and Punjab governments would be responsible if something happened to him.
Addressing a press conference held in connection with a letter of the Interior Ministry in which he was warned about serious threats to his life; Rasheed said that he had received such threats previously as well. “It is my faith, if my time is up nobody can stop it,” he said, adding he is determined to attend tomorrow protest, Allah willing. He vowed that he along with his supporters will reach D-Chowk tomorrow to take part in the anti-rigging protests.
He stated that he had been attacked four times in past but he will not fear from such threats. The Interior Ministry had even informed me names of provable attacker, he added. The AML leader said that the government was creating unnecessary fear in the minds of the people in a desperate attempt to keep masses away from the protest rally. The government is itself responsible for the problems it is facing, he added.
“These test tube politicians are responsible for the problems,” he said while accusing the government of arranging fake inauguration of power plants in recent days.
He also stated that they will start train march from June 20, adding that government knows them and they know the government. Sheikh Rashid also claimed that the government had placed containers filled with perishable items around Islamabad in order to block our rallies. “Everyday fake power projects being inaugurated, I have no personal enmity with anyone” he added. He announced that his party will join the PTI rally with 50 vehicles from Rawalpindi, adding that the government is fearing from real opposition.