ISLAMABAD - An application has been filed in the Supreme Court on Friday for early hearing of a petition against the huge construction at the US embassy in Islamabad.
Lt Col (Retd) Inam-ur-Rehman had filed the constitutional petition under article 184(3) on May 22, 2012 making chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA), federation of Pakistan through secretary ministry of interior, secretary ministry of foreign affairs, secretary ministry of defence, US embassy management and US counsellors in Islamabad through ministry of foreign affairs as respondents.
The registrar apex court had raised objection over the petition on the grounds of non-maintainability. The petitioner, therefore, filed through his counsel Tariq Asad an application for early hearing against the registrar objection in the next week.
The petitioner submitted that he had approached the Supreme Court after obtaining authenticated information that a ‘mini-city’ is being constructed in the US Embassy including secret underground bunkers and termed it a threat to the security and sovereignty of Pakistan. Tariq Asad stated that the construction work had started on the embassy’s existing plot and additional land was acquired in the Diplomatic Enclave without paying the amount of it.
The building includes some huge structures and many multi-storey buildings. The building plan approved by the CDA includes basement plus seven-storey new office building measuring 331,424.10 sq ft; seven-storey new office annex measuring 148,432.30 sq ft, single-storey guard house measuring 4,337.85 sq ft; three-storey support annex office measuring 79,252.20 sq ft; basement plus two-storey residence building measuring 30,747,33 sq ft; basement plus ground utility building measuring 39,747.33 sq ft; two basement plus four-storey consular annex building measuring 127,062 sq ft; eight-storey plus Pont house measuring 164,695 sq ft; eight-storey residence building measuring 225,404.90 sq ft; another eight-storey residence building measuring 222,687.20 sq ft; four-storey recreation building measuring 89,079.75 sq ft; two basement plus ground parking building measuring 128,991.60 sq ft; single-storey guard house measuring 7,189.96 sq ft; single-storey another guard house measuring 10,907.50 sq ft; single-storey PCAC-2 measuring 2,775.17 sq ft; and one basement plus two WHE building measuring 122,125.50 sq ft.
The petitioner said that an unsupervised unilaterally constructed structure on land of Pakistan and presence of such a large number of Americans would be a security threat to the country.

The US is not expanding its embassy but aims to form its base in Islamabad, which could result in increase in terror activities in the country. The permission for expansion was given because Pakistani leaders wanted to save their properties and interests in the US and Europe.
He alleged if the US embassy succeeds to complete its building, it may be a grave threat to the security and sovereignty of Pakistan as the US objective is to sabotage the nuclear power of Pakistan.
The petitioner prayed to the court to direct the respondents to restrain from constructing huge building structure and secret bunkers in basement in the premises of the US embassy . He also prayed to the court to issue directions to the respondents to withdraw the approval of construction granted to the US embassy in Islamabad and stay the construction of buildings till the final adjudication of the case.
He prayed that it is expedient for the public importance to fix the petition for hearing and decide the matter on merits without further delay.