Will the atrocities meted out by religious extremists never stop? Attacks on girls’ schools, mosques, shrines and other places of worship, suicide bombings, killings of anti-polio health workers, sectarian killings and hatred-laced literature did not bring as much bring shame as the actions of the extremist group in Nigeria, ‘Boko Haram’. This group has kidnapped 200 girls.

This group is against western education, especially for girls and promise to sell the girls as sex-slaves. No one calling himself a Muslim can stoop so low, and they have gone beyond any other so called ‘Islamic extremist’ group. Widespread corruption and ethnic conflicts have already destabilised Nigeria, and this religious extremism will lead to further bloodshed. I find it hard to believe that the world is accepting the leader as a Muslim, and I hope that the Muslim ummah condemns this act.


Saudi Arab, May 7.