Smoking refers to the deliberate inhalation of tobacco smoking. Of many forms of tobacco intake, the most common is cigarette smoking. This habit is not confined to any particular region, country or a group of people. It is not influenced by climate or economic conditions.

Beside money consuming, smoking is a source of many serious ailments. It is likely to cause the cancer of the bladder, pharynx and stomach. It also cause lung cancer. It impairs several body functions as it seriously damages the vital organs. It affects the respiratory tract and cardiovascular system. The constant intake of cigarettes increase cholesterol in blood and thus cause harm beyond repair.

Non smokers are also victims of the tobacco scourge. It is feared that involuntary exposure to cigarette smoke cause more cancer death than any other pollutant, non-smokers are three time likelier to die of cancer than the regular smokers. It is quoted that smoking by mother can affect the mental and physical growth and the health of their children. The two second utterance on TV, “Smoking is injurious to health” seems to be ridiculous. It is supplemented with two minutes of advertisement showing heroic actions of the smokers. Such a thing persuades the youth to smoke. In this way the role of media is quite disappointing. There is a need to nurture the culture of neatness. The nation needs a tobacco free atmosphere and a drugs free Pakistan


Karachi, April 22.