ISLAMABAD- Federal Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan today talked about arms licenses and exit control list (ECL) at a press conference in Islamabad.

Nisar said, “Licenses not reviewed by the ministry will expire on January 1, 2016.” Nisar also announced measures to ensure a secure environment for Pakistani citizens, including proper management of bulletproof vehicles.

He said that he had imposed a ban on issuing new arms licenses . “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Balochistan revoked the ban on issuing new arms licenses ,” he stated. “The ban is now effective only in Punjab and federal areas,” Nisar added.

“We want to verify all issued licenses through NADRA,” said Nisar.

Nisar also revealed a new policy with regards to names on the ECL, adding that no individual would be placed on the ECL for more than a year. He said a court order will be mandatory for keeping people on the ECL.