KARACHI - K-Electric has condemned the recent threats given by certain Sindh government representatives to arrest the company’s employees.  KE said it was taken aback by the allegations about being the power company being responsible for the current water shortage.

KE spokesperson said the water supply to the city was currently less than 45 per cent of the actual demand. A large amount of valuable water is also wasted due to various other reasons, therefore, the loadshedding which occurred two days ago for a total of four hours should not be linked to the water shortage.

Discussing the water shortage in the city, KE spokesperson said this was not a recent development. He further added raising a pressing question that if the city’s water shortage is due to loadshedding then the water being supplied to water hydrants round the clock should have been disrupted too. He argued that the actual issue lies with the tanker mafia in the city which forces the citizens to purchase water at inflated rates. The spokesperson expressed annoyance at the allegations of Sindh government officials, saying there was no evidence to suggest that KE was responsible for the current crisis. He said all the KWSB structures were already equipped with bulk supply meters and it was the inefficiency of the water board authorities that has led to the shortage.

KE as an entity feels that issuing the energy bill to KWSB seems to be a crime. He said the KWSB owed Rs36 billion to KE and as such it was a big defaulter. He clarified that the Sindh government has never paid any money for the subsidy of the water board bills. All threats should be for those who are working against the law or have committed a crime. It believes that there needs to be a change in approach of those individuals who are safeguarding the defaulters and the statements being given in order to support persistent defaulters is a wrong step.

He said such harsh steps against the private entities would only dissuade the foreigners from investing in Pakistan. The KE has decided to take strict notice of all irresponsible and threatening statements by the minister of Sindh, he added.

He further said the KE was a Karachi-based organisation that predominantly hires local residents across its work force including in its management and administration. “We are well aware of the problems being faced by the citizens of Karachi. Nonetheless, continuous electric supply to any organisation within KE’s jurisdiction is impossible to provide unless all existing dues are cleared. In order to keep the financial condition of the company stable and ensure continuous supply of electricity to the citizens it is essential that all defaulters pay their energy dues on time.

He pressed upon the fact that KE and its employees have been determinedly working to resolve the electricity problem in Karachi and the fact that now 60 per cent of the city is exempted from load-shedding was a testament to their good work.