I want to draw your attention to the serious issue of load shedding which has made our lives terribly difficult. This is the season of exams in universities, colleges and schools; students need to study more efficiently but because of it they can’t study even like their normal routine. Furthermore, students can’t sleep properly. Load shedding gets student smitten in depression so they can’t study and as a result they would be the only ones who will have to suffer failure in their exams. Not only students but old people, children, women (who have to work in houses throughout the day) are the victims of load shedding. Even industries and factories face a lot of problems by the dint of load shedding. Every time especially in summers protest is raised against it but Government always turns a deaf ear over as if it had become a way of life. It has been heard since many years that Pakistan is going to get rid of load shedding soon, but instead of being resolved its condition is getting worse day by day. Hide and seek of electricity not only snatches the mental and physical peace, but also results in massive financial losses in regard of electronic appliances.

In short load shedding is infecting our lives badly. It is requested to concerned authorities to take some serious action over it immediately.


Karachi, April 21.