MULTAN (APP): Agriculture experts have said that mushroom, a tasty and cheaper source of protein, vitamins and minerals, can be grown throughout the year by managing moisture and temperature through artificial means. Agriculture spokesman Naveed Asmat Kahlon said in a statement that mushroom is usually cultivated on useless agriculture or industrial waste like husk from paddy, wheat or maize cobs' granules, wood waste in powder form and cotton waste.

Commercial cultivation of its different kinds including shell like mushroom, button like or European mushroom, Chinese mushroom or Shah Baloot kind mushroom, is considered suitable on cotton waste.

The spokesman said that mushrooms can be grown in polythene bags, in rooms and shelves.Seed should be sown at 25 degree centigrade temperature.Husk from wheat or paddy or their mixture should remain dipped in water for 12 to 24 hours before sowing.

In case of mushroom sowing on maize cobs, the cobs should be cut in tiny particles and be kept in some sack which should be dipped in water for two days to soften them.Then it should be put into boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes and be taken out to serve as field for mushroom sowing.

Agriculture spokesman warned that some kinds of mushrooms are poisonous to the extent that their consumption as food can cause death.

The mushrooms with white caps and those having rings on their trunks are poisonous and must not be eaten.People should also avoid eating mushrooms grown on animal waste or animal waste around them because most of the poisonous mushrooms get nurtured on animal waste, the statement concluded.