LAHORE - The Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust on held a special sitting on “The Journey from the 1857 Independence War to the Establishment of Pakistan” at the Aiwan-i-Karkunan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan on Saturday.

Addressing the gathering, NPT vice chairman Dr Rafique Ahmad said the Muslims of subcontinent were subjected to the British persecution and oppression in the wake of the 1857 Independence War because the latter knew the Muslims, being monotheists, could not be forced to compromise their principles and ideals.

“The British literally snatched the languages of the Muslims which contained the treasure-trove of their literature. Arabic was banished and Persian was degraded.

With Macauly’s education system, illiteracy rate among the Muslims increased beyond imagination,” he added.

It was Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who persuaded the Muslims to learn English in order to ameliorate their deteriorating plight in every field of life, Dr Rafique told the gathering.

“The Quaid-i-Azam joined the Muslim League in 1913 and, later on, presented his famous 14 points in response to Pundit Moti Lal’s “Nehru Report”. In 1930, Allama Muhammad Iqbal presented the concept of Pakistan which was materialised by the Quaid-i-Azam. We got freedom from British by dint of hard work and dedication of our forefathers,” he further said.

The event was jointly organised by the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and Pakistan Movement Workers Trust.

Prof Dr Parveen Khan conducted the proceedings of the sitting. She said the nation gained Pakistan after going through a painful ordeal. The Muslims became a special target of the atrocities committed by the British, she added, while stressing the new generation must be made aware of the life and achievements of our national heroes.

Dr Munawwar Sabir said the creation of Pakistan is an unparalleled phenomenon in history.

Dr Muhammad Ali Nadeem observed the people belonging to all schools of thought participated in the 1857 Independence War including the princely states of India. The Aligarh University produced such rare jewels of men as were able to steer the ship of the nation to its destination, he remarked.

Prof Musarrat Kalanchawi said the British were able to occupy the subcontinent due to treason committed by some individuals. Terrible treatment was meted out to the Muslims after the Independence War, she added.

At the end, Qari Amjad Ali led a session of prayers for the martyrs of Independence War and the Pakistan Movement.