The recent exemplary visit of Chinese President seems an augury of a splendorous prosperity, socio-economic development and of elevated political stature of Pakistan at international level. Our “iron Brother” received an exceptional welcome and greetings from all segments of our society which speaks aloud the warmth and affection Pakistanis have for their Chinese brethren. Chinese President signed 53 agreements worth investment of $28bn including the mega project of trade corridor which will boost up the economic progress of all the four provinces. It is no doubt a remarkable success of Government’s Foreign policy that Pak- China kinship has been elevated to the status of “all-weather strategic cooperative partnership”. It is hoped this partnership will proved to be a real “game changer” for regional and international politics of Pakistan and will usher epoch making prosperity and era of heavenly peace and blessings for our beloved country and all its well wishing allies.


Lahore, April 21.