Raja Asad  - The future is digital and the digital race has already begun. Who will lead and who will follow is subject to the degree of digitalization and ICT readiness of the socio-economic national structures of nations. For everything from internet banking, e-commerce and online activism to e-governance and e-health; going digital with high speed and high quality is the only option to stay relevant to this global socio-economic transformation. ICT and Telecommunications companies around the world are enabling this historically unique and simultaneous global transformation.

In Pakistan this transformation is being led by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), which has been the dependable partner to the Pakistani people on their journey into the future. 

PTCL is leading the proliferation of ICT services that understand the evolving nature of the Pakistani market across various domains. The extensive long-haul fiber-optic backbone connectivity of PTCL also serves the needs of mobile telecom operators and ISPs. At organizational level PTCL serves the needs of small to large scale organizations across Pakistan.

PTCL has been an agent of change in the country through affordable Broadband services. Access to global information, on-line education and international markets has been limited in the past for most Pakistanis. This was mainly due to low proliferation of internet and high running cost. These barriers were restricting reach of information to under privileged areas and cities outside the main metropolitan areas where internet penetration was very low.

Considering the vast distances and geographical terrain, the challenge was taken-up by PTCL with the launch of broadband services in 2007. Not only the services were made affordable but broadband was made accessible to areas outside the main cities for the first time.

The company has taken bold steps to innovate and re-invent the broadband ecosystem in the country, believing that information communication technologies have the potential to reduce distances transcends borders and bring people together.

Lack of awareness about technology and educational opportunities stand as a towering challenge for Pakistan and broadband internet is one of the tools to overcome this challenge. As PTCL broadband is made accessible to people in remote areas, there has been a major paradigm shift enabling people to reach out to newer international markets, earn livelihood and access e-learning. It has also changed the traditional brick and mortar business to click and mortar, as more and more people have access to high-speed internet now.

As market leader serving over 3 million fixed voice customers and over 2.5 million fixed and wireless broadband customers across Pakistan, PTCL leads the penetration of telecommunication throughout Pakistan across households, businesses, NGOs, government offices, banks, ISPs, call centers and more.

Organizations and businesses require increasingly complex ICT services to remain viable and competitive. This need is being filled by corporate solutions of PTCL through Managed WAN, Cloud Services, Hosted solutions as well as Enterprise DSL which are enabling organizations to focus on their core business optimize costs and expand market reach both locally and globally.

To cater to the growing telecommunication needs of the country, PTCL is steadily upgrading to more modern and advanced fiber optic network to meet the modern technological and business needs. With the largest fiber optics backbone network, PTCL is connecting the length and breadth of country.

To meet the future information communications needs of Pakistan, another multimillion dollar investment has also been undertaken by PTCL in the shape of Asia Africa Europe (AAE-1) undersea cable system, will be adding terabits of bandwidth to PTCL’s international capacity.

For Pakistan to stay competitive in the global race PTCL continues to invest into infrastructure, service layer development and skilled technical resources. The focus of PTCL remains the all-encompassing provision of high quality, stable and high speed ICT enabled Telecommunication solutions across the household, retail and large scale commercial segments.