Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the government is a sinking ship and people are jumping out of it to save their lives.

Addressing a public gathering held in connection with PP-196 by-election here on Saturday, he added that the election tribunal’s decision on NA-125 confirmed the stance of PTI regarding rigging in general elections 2013. He declared that the PTI was going to blow more wickets of the government and the prevailing rotting system would end very soon. “These wickets include the constituencies pinpointed by Imran Khan from the container. Now the people have seen that whatever Imran Khan said was true,” he added. He claimed that the PML-N had started pre-poll rigging in PP-196. Citing examples, he said that the CPO Multan was transferred, funds were being distributed at town level and state machinery was being used for the election campaign of PML-N candidate. He added that a team of MPAs was brought to Multan on government expense to run the campaign of Rana Mahmoodul Hassan. “We demand ECP to take notice of this pre-poll rigging and launch action otherwise the sit in will start from Multan this time,” he hurled a warning.  He said that the ECP had issued order for the cancellation of transfer of former CPO Multan on April 29 but the Punjab Government refused to obey the order.  He claimed that an advisory committee comprising PML-N candidate Rana Mahmoodul Hassan, former minister Abdul Waheed Arrain, DCO and CPO Multan had been constituted to bribe the voters. “Sher Shah Town is releasing funds on recommendation of Rana Mahmoodul Hassan for development schemes while Leaguers are printing the photo of DCO on their electoral posters,” he added.  He warned that free and fair election would become a dream, if the ECP bowed down before Punjab Government and failed to stop pre-poll rigging in PP-196. “The time has come for the people to rise against this system of tyranny and crush it forever,” he added.

Referring to judicial commission, he said that the constitution of the commission had proved that voice of truth could not be silenced. He added that the entire nation and even international community were waiting for the findings of the commission and there were strong chances that the government would have to lose its rigging-tainted rule. He claimed that the PTI was striving for norms and not rule and it was the success of PTI that today all political parties appeared before the commission and produced evidences of rigging.

He said that Multan had become “Zimnistan” as he was seeing by-election in each constituency of this city. He claimed that the residents of PP-196 would express their confidence in the leadership of Imran Khan on May 21 by stamping bat.   He declared that Imran Khan would address a big public meeting on Qasimpur Road on May 15.

He said that the political weather of Islamabad was very hot and PTI’s demand for judicial commission further added to this heat. “Now whatever the findings of judicial commission will be, no one will dare to steal the mandate of anyone,” he claimed. He added that the nation would hear the good news of new Pakistan very soon.