ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan here on Saturday said that the election results of NA-122 were under suspicion following the Nadra report that was submitted to the Election Tribunal pointed out massive rigging and irregularities in the same constituency.

In a series of messages on twitter, Khan said that Nadra (National Database and Registration Authority) in its forensic report about NA-122 had pointed out 12000 votes were cast on fake identity cards in addition to 3000 other fake votes.

He said that the authority found that the verification of around 40 percent of the total votes cast in the constituency could not be possible while it verified thumb impressions of 73,000 votes only. He said that rigging had proved in NA-122, the constituency of Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, after the report of Nadra and it was a question mark on overall results of the constituency.

“Nadra has pointed out a number of flaws in the voting record and it has transpired how a single voter cast a number of votes in May 2013 elections and could not mark thumb impressions on the receipts,” Khan said.

He also said that Nadra during examination of NA-122 results had found a number of duplicate votes and receipts without thumb impressions and the votes that were not registered in that constituency.

Meanwhile, PTI Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari in a separate message said that her party’s stance has been vindicated after the Nadra report about NA-122.

According to the report, 136,000 votes did not match with the electoral rolls and on 93582 receipts, thumb impressions were not identifiable, she said.

“The Election Tribunal will make interpretation of Nadra report and Zahid Hamid and Danyal Aziz (PML-N leaders) could not interpret this,” she said while giving reference to press conference of PML-N leaders.

After the NA-125 report, the Nadra report in respect of NA-122 has exposed the polls rigging done by the government and National Assembly Speaker Ayyaz Sadiq should now go home morally, she added

Presenting the facts in respect of Nadra report on NA-122, Shireen Mazari said that as per the Nadra report, thumb impression of 136,000 votes have not been verified from electoral lists. Thumb impressions of 93,582 voters have not been verified from counterfoil. 6123 National Identity Cards were found non verified, copies of 225 NIC instead of original NICs were presented and 370 NICs were not found recorded. Counterfoils of thumb impressions of 1,715 votes were found available and 750 voters were not found registered in respective constituency. Nadra has verified only 73,478 voters in NA-122, she pointed out.

She said the result of NA-122 and NA-125 in favour of the PTI vindicates her party’s stance. She said, “The Nadra report had endorsed our point of view about rigging in elections. We have been saying this from day one that Ayaz Sadiq’s mandate is fake.” She maintained that votes were polled on fake CNICs and added that entire nation now knew the truth. Pointing to the report, Mazari claimed that it proves massive rigging took place in the constituency.

Nadra had submitted its report to election tribunal probing rigging allegations. National Assembly Speaker, PML-N’s Sardar Ayaz Sadiq had defeated Imran in 2013 general elections on the seat.

Reacting on Shireen Mazari’s statement, Information Minister Senator Parvez Rashid said ‘she was only telling lies like her leader (Imran Khan)’. He claimed Nadra report stated clearly that there had been no rigging in NA-122.

Regarding unverifiable votes, he said thumbprints that could not be verified must have been of the PTI voters as the workers were caught rigging during polling in NA-246 in Karachi.