S:     Why are you so obsessed with her?

A:     She has a beautiful voice.

S:     Not really. It’s really nasal and high pitched.

A:     Even you can appreciate the lyrics and melody.

S:     I can, but I also think that there are way better singers and icons from the past to put on repeat.

A:     But she’s the queen of melody.

S:     She’s like the Madonna of Pakistan?

A:     I wouldn’t say that now. The Madam is much classier than Madonna, who is just a pop act pushed by media and made bigger by publicity stunts.

S:     But Madonna is still the queen of pop, you can’t deny that. The point is not is her music objectively better, but that for cultural and popular purposes, she’s the “queen”. You can argue all you like, that Madam Noor Jahan is better, but both, have been propelled by popularity, rather than just talent.

A:     I can’t even believe that you are comparing these two women. It’s almost insulting to Pakistan as well as to Noor Jehan. Noor Jehan was an artist…

S:     And you get to decide what is art?

A:     No. It’s already been decided.

S:     By who?

A:     By popular opinion.

S:     That’s what I am saying, its all popular culture… people. Madonna has more fans, if it’s just about the numbers…

A:     You’re just twisting my words.

S:     I think we revere these old voices just because they are old. And to be honest, now that people like you are in a majority, who are sceptical of the arts, like music, and dancing, old people is what you have left.

A:     At least I am listening to what is left. You’re the one who doesn’t like what is left.