December 16, 1971 — a black day in the history of Pakistan when it got divided into two parts — still makes us cry. This is the reason that we don’t want such incidents to happen again, though unfortunately we have done nothing to avoid such tragedies in future.

Balochistan has been bleeding since long. It is not because the province is kept deprived of its resources as some of us think, the reasons are something else. To say that reason of militancy in Balochistan is due to discrimination would be inaccurate because the conditions of infrastructure and other facilities in other provinces are just weeny different if compared with Balochistan.

It could be easily said that policies of previous governments have been so erroneous that they finally resulted into current plight of the province. Besides inapt policies of successive governments, there is another big factor which contributed a lot in worsening the circumstances and that is involvement of extra regional forces in Balochistan. All of us know that India, besides some other states, is involved in creating insurgence in the area. There have been many evidences of Indian presence and involvement in the province. It is a well-planned conspiracy hatched by extra regional powers to destabilise Pakistan by providing financial and substantial support to Baloch militant groups.

Retired Indian Army Chief Vijay Kumar Singh has admitted that India had sponsored bomb blasts in Balochistan and doled out money to militant elements of the province.

Former Interior Minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik had claimed that former Afghan President Hamid Karzai had also admitted that troubles in Balochistan are emanating from Afghanistan. It is an open secret that Baloch insurgents are being trained in Afghanistan by RAW, Mossad and Afghan secret agencies, and they are getting financial assistance and ammunition from them. The big guns of Baloch militants are living abroad on self-imposed exiles and sponsoring terror in Balochistan.

The geographic importance of the province is one of the main reasons behind all this insurgency. Gwadar seaport is going to become a medium of massive trade for Central and South Asian countries that will provide China and Afghanistan a link to Indian Ocean. That is why some external powers are trying to destabilise Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan should take urgent steps against these external factors to keep the Baloch people secure. Moreover, the government should take more interest in the development of Balochistan so as to knock off disparity among different provinces. On the other hand, the security agencies should remain active to bring incidents of target killings and kidnappings to an end because a little delay in taking any action can cause a big loss to the country. Both the government and security agencies should act positively before it is too late.

           —The writer Ammara Malik is a student of BS (Media & Communication), 3rd semester, at International Islamic University, Islamabad.