The infamous “selfie” by smart phone users has become quite the trend. It seems harmless, one feels like capturing the moment; but in reality this selfie obsession is creating a mental disorder. People who usually take selfies become narcissists and according to many psychologists it’s a disorder that should be taken seriously. Narcissists are individuals who bloom under the attention from other people and are extremely selfish. They find appreciation from their physical attributes and rational attributes. Self-centered ness becomes a part of their routine and that is unsuitable for their personality. These self-absorbed selfie gamers are usually in need, anxious or depressed. They thrive on the approvals and admirations from others; this makes them conscious about themselves and eventually they “sell their individuality’ according to the social media sites. Twitter, Instragram or Facebook become the dictators and judges of every single person, with a selfie obsession. A fake aura of self-confidence is created when each and every picture is edited to perfection. Instead of being comfortable in their own skin; they end becoming someone they are not. The likes on their pictures indicate their degree of attractiveness; which makes them joyful. These superficial aspects ruin a teenager’s, a child’s or even an adult’s personality or even life. By comparing the likes of selfies, one can acquire an incredibly amount of low self-esteem. This issue can proceed to an extreme level. Danny Bowman, a British teenager, even took his life because he couldn’t take the perfect selfie! It’s sad and absurd the effects of a seemingly harm less selfie.


Karachi, April 22.