LAHORE - PTI leader Aleem Khan has offered sale of his overseas properties and pledged to bring investment in Pakistan if the prime minister’s sons are ready to do the same.

Addressing a press conference here yesterday, he claimed his name was not mentioned in the Panama leaks, but a media group was trying to defame him on the government direction.

Without naming journalist Umar Cheema, part of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists which read Panama papers, he claimed the media campaign was started against him to force him to quit PTI. “I stand by Imran Khan through thick and thin,” he said.

Cheema yesterday, a day before the official publication of second episode of the Panama leaks, ran a story in an English newspaper naming Aleem and other politicians and celebrities for having offshore companies.

Aleem, who contested election from NA-122 and lost with a close margin against PML-N candidate, National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, said his all assets were declared before the election commission and Federal Board of Revenue.

Lahore’s constituency NA-122 was among the four seats on which PTI had demanded audit with thumb verification from Nadra. Imran Khan had lost the seat with around 8,000 votes’ margin in the general elections 2013. Later, Aleem contested election after an election tribunal gave verdict in favour of PTI and lost with around 2,000 votes.

He is a property tycoon and considered the main financer of PTI. PML-N criticises him and some other leaders of Khan’s party for also having offshore accounts after the Panama leaks mentioned Sharif family’s companies.

Aleem, at his press conference, refuted the allegations levelled against him. “My company and four flats in London are already declared before FBR. I’m not like Sharif. I gave details of my businesses in ECP and pay taxes. I’m not among those who hide taxes. Why the investigating agencies are not starting investigation if I have done anything wrong,” Aleem said.

Challenging the government, he said Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), NAB or Punjab police could probe him, but he would not change his association with Imran Khan.

The PTI leader said he had been in opposition for eight years, but nobody accused him of corruption ever. “I’m fully aware that PML-N is scrutinising my assets round the clock to find anything wrong, but they failed to detect any wrong in my business. I and my wife share our properties and businesses.

How my assets can be featured in the Panama leaks when they are already declared,” he said.