PESHAWAR - Yet another incident of harassment and manhandling at the PTI’s unruly public meeting happened this time with a little-known model, Annie Khan, yesterday again at the venue of the party’s gathering in Peshawar.

The first two incidents of misbehaviour and harassment have been reported in the PTI’s meeting in Islamabad and Lahore on April 24 and May 1, respectively.

Model Annie Khan, wearing a saree, appeared at the PTI’s public meeting exactly two hours before the formal start of the proceedings, was got surrounded by the crowd already present at the meeting’s venue. But the PTI leaders claimed her arrival at the show before the start of the rally made it suspicious.

Annie Khan who has reportedly proposed PTI chief Imran Khan for marriage arrived at the site of the meeting. PTI workers gathered around her and misbehaved with her. Sensing the situation, the model who is reportedly belonging to district Gujranwala, Punjab, tried to leave the place.

She tried time and again to make her way amid disorderly youngsters, but to no avail, which forced her to sit on her car’s bonnet. But even then, Annie Khan, also a singer, did not find a way out of the middle of the crowd. However, the police present there took her out of the venue safely.

Interestingly, this time, it was Monday while two earlier incidents occurred on Sunday. The latest incident is different from the previous two because it has happened in Peshawar, the capital of KP where PTI has been in power since June 2013.

In the wake of two women harassment incidents, the most important question of the day was whether women will attend the PTI’s Peshawar rally. Earlier, there were also reports that women will not be allowed to be at Monday’s public meeting. Despite all, there was a separate place for women and it was up to them to attend the rally or not.

Later, while talking to media persons, Annie said no one harassed her at the PTI public meeting. I went to participate in the rally and the workers tried to meet her, she was of the view. “I have never attended any political rally. I thought as a model I would be allowed to enter the venue,” she said. Annie Khan said she arrived at the venue to have a glimpse of Imran Khan. However, minutes earlier, Annie claimed she had to take refuge in a car when PTI supporters got rowdy and started harassing her.

Meanwhile, PTI MPA Shaukat Yousafzai criticised the model for wearing a saree at a political gathering. He reportedly said the dress Annie wore was not part of Pakhtun culture. It was quite obvious that she was sent to the rally by opponents to do what they wanted.

He said the model could have gone to Lahore or Islamabad in a proper manner if she wanted to meet Imran Khan. Moreover, Yousufzai said he hadn’t heard of any model with the name of Annie in Peshawar. He said it was a conspiracy hatched by the opponents trying to stop women from joining politics.

Denying the ban on women’s participation in Peshawar rally, Shaukat said it was an attempt to stop women’s active participation in politics, but PTI would foil such attempts. As per media reports, PTI leader Naeemul Haq also blamed opponents and termed it a conspiracy against his party.

He further said certainly women in KP don’t show up in rallies dressed up in this manner. “Why was a woman present at the venue before the start of the rally?” he asked, adding the woman did not belong to Peshawar.

Separately, PML-N leader Talal Chaudhary, reacting to the happening, said it has been proven that women are misbehaved in PTI’s rallies. He questioned Imran Khan should clarify why women have to face so many difficulties in his rallies.

It merits mentioning here that incidents of women’s harassment at PTI’s rallies in Islamabad and Lahore forced the party’s top brass to alter its schedule for Faisalabad earlier. Imran Khan had not only condemned women’s harassment, but also had constituted a probe committee, headed by Naeemul Haq. However, the committee has yet to submit its report.