The undeniable fact is that the Jews living in Europe and United States of America although in small number but are so strong, powerful and influential that they effectively dominate and control the economy and their political policies. They exercise this influence through their powerful print and electronic media. The public of these countries swing and sway with the tunes of Jewish controlled media. So much so that their Governments are so scared of Jewish that they can’t dare utter a word against the Jews or Israel and Holocaust.

The Zionist International Jewry (ZINJRY), the founder of the Zionist state of Israel and still its master decisions maker, operates behind the front body of the World Zionist Organisation (WZO) whose existence was made public for the first time in August 1897 at the first Zionist world conference in Basal, Switzerland. The Zionists having acquired vast resources and hold over international instruments of power and having succeeded in imposing the Zionist order in the west is now seeking to bring the world under the sway of the Zionist ideology and the system. It is now aiming at nothing less than establishing one world government to run according to the Zionist order under its political and economic control.

There is only one obstacle left in the way of ZINJRY’s aim of global control and that is the faith and ideology of Islam which has an inherent capacity on one hand to resist Zionism and on the other to transform any sizeable muslim country that choose to function fully under the Islamic political, economic and social order into a great power. The Zionist Jewry with its powerful resources of money, media and Israel with its main field arm is ruthlessly engaged in subverting and subdividing the religion of Islam as well as the muslim countries especially those that have the potential to emerge as powerful opponents of Zionism and the Zionist state.

It does not require much insight to realise why the Zionist Jewry and Israel consider the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as their number one enemy. The ZINJRY setup conducted the breakup scheme but the responsibility for letting it happen lay squarely on the people of Pakistan. The scheme was launched not long after the birth of Pakistan in August 1947. A secret axis comprising the United States, Britain, Israel, India and Soviet Union carried out the scheme as directed by principal Zionist schemers sitting at key posts in white house and the Government in Washington and UN security council in New York.

Soon after the Arab Israel war in 1967, Israel’s first Prime Minister and a fanatic Zionist David Ben Gorion, inflated with arrogance of victory against Arabs gave out the outline of the scheme for undoing Pakistan. The weekly Jewish chronicle London reported in these words: “The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it and Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological state is threat to our existence. The inhabitants of the Indian Peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred through history against Muslims. Therefore India is the most important base for us to work against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base India and strike Pakistan”. The politico military nexus between Israel and India have already tried such adventurism in the past. It is an established fact that both Israel and India are nuclear powers and are producing lethal weapons. The entire world is fully aware that every US and European government helps, supports and protects these countries. It is a fact that the armies of both Israel and India are killing innocent Palestinians and Kashmiris and are committing gross human rights violations and as is expected, the Governments of US and Europe and their bias print and powerful electronic media is myopic about it.

Today again the Zionists, Israel and India altogether have started to fulfil their long awaited designs and desires. Pakistan, which has remained in the past centre of regional wars, target of global conspiracies in collaboration with internal traitors and an attraction for big powers is under the attack of the terrorism, insurgencies by India and its national economy is being squeezed to force it to default and collapse by the Zionist and Israelis sitting in the loans giving international banks.

In Middle East, the Zionist and the Israeli’s agencies have implanted a terrorist organization, so called ISIS, which is heavily armed and has full financial support. It is involved in breaking Muslim countries and has created terror in the region by killing innocent people, forcing them to leave their country and it is committing gross human rights violations. It is surprising to note that neither the ISIS leadership nor any of its member has ever uttered a word about or against Israel nor they have so far touched or harmed the soil of immediately located Israel.

The United Nation Security Council comprises five permanent members and each has the veto power. They decide the fates and fortunes of the nations. The Security Council maintains global peace through their resolutions, sanctions and use of force. It is an established fact however that its resolutions on record particularly regarding the solutions of Kashmir and the Palestine issues have not been implemented till today. In case such injustices continue, atrocities do not stop, issues are not resolved, the day is not far when the united nation will break up or face its dissolution like the League of Nations and consequently its head quarter would be shifted to Beijing, China. It is true that man proposes and Almighty God disposes. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan had been created at the cost of the human blood of millions of muslims of India, therefore it will exist forever Inshallah. Pakistan Zindabad.