MULTAN-Speakers at an awareness session pointed out on Monday that the China-Pak Economic Corridor would not generate just business opportunities but it would also develop a highly competitive atmosphere for the local trade and industry.

“We need to start preparations right from now to be prepared for the upcoming challenge,” they added during the discussion organised by Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Multan here on Monday. The event was organised to get the views from parliamentarians on the China-Pak Economic Corridor project.

Speaking on the occasion, MPAs - Mian Shahzad Maqbool Bhutta, Muhammad Ali Khokhar, Shaukat Bosan, Mazhar Abbas Raan and Khaula Amjad said that investment to the tune of billions of dollars in the country became possible due to the progressive vision of the government which resulted in launching of many mega projects. They said that construction of the corridor is going on at a brisk pace and it would soon enable Pakistani business community to send its goods to Chinese markets. “But we’ll have to fulfil a number of conditions like quality, price and timely delivery of the orders to compete in Chinese markets. We need to prepare ourselves from right now onwards,” they asserted. They pointed out that Iran manufactured carpets for the West while keeping in view market demand and trends. “China is also following the same patent. We need to give up conventional methods and adopt latest techniques,” they declared.

They said that women made amazing progress in all fields of life and the performance of Women Chamber was astonishing. They assured the chamber members that they would talk to the provincial government for allocation of land for women chamber, construction of its office, establishment of a display centre and a training institute as well as allocation of a seat for a female member in TEVTA Board of Directors. They asked the Women Chamber to give them a layout plan for the abovementioned demands.

Earlier, briefing the parliamentarians, president of Women Chamber Razia Shah, Masooma Sibtain, Filza Mumtaz and others said that they strived to change the mind-set and wanted to tell the society that women could do the business better than men. They suggested to the government to introduce entrepreneurship programmes from matric level which would offer another option to the youth besides government job, medical and engineering fields. They said that the business education would also develop in the youth the quality to make decisions and build their confidence.

They said that the businesswomen worked as ambassadors of Pakistan, asking the government to offer youth loan schemes to the female entrepreneurs on easy terms and launch trainings for them.