This refers to the news item appearing on the Lahore pages “Fear prevails as PHA closed parks” The Nation April 01. According to the news the citizens of Punjab capital are going through a difficult time after the ballast at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, with all public parks closed till the government makes adequate security arrangements. 

Is this not amount to surrendering before the terrorists ,who are all out with the only aim to destroy the country and to make already a sorrowful and wretched life miserable with no recreation facilities. The terrorists simply wish to take us back to the dark ages, and on top of that the government is facilitating them by closing the recreation facilities, those killers of innocent children and citizens of Pakistan must be feeling great relieved and lightened reading this news. Now when they have switched over from targeting soft targets instead of the hard ones, they are all ready on the retreat path but by closing the parks, cinema houses, art galleries, or by canceling any functions of literature, art and culture, the terrorist organizations will definitely account such action as their triumph and will find out other targets ring the panic bells with in the corridors of power. 


Lahore, April 1.