LAHORE: The Colombian origin singer Shakira is an international acclaimed singer who’s 2010 FIFA World Cup, "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)", went viral and became biggest-selling World Cup song. She is going to be in the city this weekend, claims a young man Wahaj who has made a facebook page for the event. He in all probability is a con artiste and plans to extort a lot of money from people. 

The Shakira live in concert in Lahore on May 29 facebook page has been up for some days. The venue of the concert has not been mentioned. The price of the entry passes is shown on the facebook page. The pass price starts from Rs 6,000 to Rs 20,000.

The apparently okayed event is new form of cybercrime to lure the young people and party-goers in their trap in which they demand money through different means of money transfer, and guess this time the fraud is being occurred through Easypaisa money transfer.

Wahaj talking to The Nation maintained that the event will be held as per schedule. But there is so much secrecy around the event. He is not ready to disclose the venue of concert. “Those who will send money to us through easypaisa should keep the receipt of the money transfer. They will be given tickets at the venue and that is why we have advised them to come early when the venue is disclosed,” Wahaj said.

On a query about how were they able to contact the international artiste, he said he met her manager named Abraham in Dubai sometime back. The first ever performance of Shakira in Pakistan has been done by BizBash event planner, which The Nation checked and found out that it does not exist. On the facebook page there is no mention of any address. None of the links found on the page lead to any information about the organizers. Only Wahaj’s cell no 0324 1489057 has been given for communication.

The event management company BizBash has no official website although they claimed they are associated with the BizBash Media whose official website introduces the company as “BizBash is North America’s number 1 source of ideas, news, and resources for event and meeting professionals”, but no links or relevancy to its off-shoot company in Pakistan found anywhere on the website.

Wahaj told the scribe to send money on the CNIC number 31205-6774215-3. He also claimed that over 700 tickets have been sold. On a query as to whether he had got permission from City District Government and police. He claimed he had the security certificate but could not explain where from he had got it. Infuriated he told this scribe that he was blocking him from his cell phone. There was no communication with Wahaj after that.

In a similar fraud case recently, Indian singer Arjit Singh had denied the speculations to a Facebook event that claimed a live concert in Islamabad this month.

 Event page created on Facebook regarding the event that ‘first time ever in history of Pakistan Shakira is coming to for a live concert in Lahore Pakistan.

According to an estimate, allegedly 40 million fraud has been done by the event planner if he has sold 700 passes. Silver pass is for Rs 6000, silver couple Rs 10000, Gold pass Rs 10000, Gold couple Rs 15000, Platinum Rs 15000,Platinum couple pass for Rs 20000.

According Prevention of electronic crime act 2015 (Cyber Crime Bill) recently passed by National Assembly that up to three year imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 0.5 million for creating a website for negative purposes.