Los Angeles :- Selena Gomez has admitted that she struggles to perform one of her songs on tour because it makes her too emotional and that has sent the celebrity rumour mill into overdrive with suggestions the song in particular is about ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. The singer is currently touring across North America on your Revival tour but has revealed she won’t be performing The Heart Wants What It Wants, describing it “difficult”. The 23-year-old hitmaker said: “There are things that I can’t do...I won’t be performing this on tour because I don’t want to. –CM

It’s like when you smell a scent and it takes you back to a place that maybe wasn’t the best place. That stuff is a little more difficult.” It’s not the only time that poignant song has been tricky for the Come & Get It songstress when she struggled to get through to the end of a performance of it at the 2014 American Music Awards - it ended in tears. Gomez had previously admitted that The Heart Wants What It Wants was about her ex-boyfriend, Justin.She said: “It’s the perfect way to end the year, it’s a perfect way to end a chapter in a way. “It’s like, this is what I’ll say about every single person that has judged me for every decision that I’ve made, for every person and heart that is being judged for something they’ve done, and now I just want to release it.”