The PML-N government has got one thing spot on. They have allocated the Federal Interior Ministry to the right person. Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan is an upright man. He has handled few things very efficiently. The Interior Minister rightly kept General Rtd Musharaff’s name on ECL for 21 months. He has handled the MQM’s chief case very intelligently. The government of Pakistan is in touch with the UK government on this issue. He has invited Sarfraz Merchant to Pakistan for providing evidence against the MQM Chief. Moreover, appointments are being made in the interior ministry purely on merit. Many FIA Jobs were advertised through FPSC and people were recruited on merit, an exercise which was missing in the past. Moreover, Ayan Ali was arrested at the Islamabad Airport carrying half a million dollars. It is pertinent to mention that prior to her arrest, she flew out of the country 81 times during the last few years before this government. Conversely, the only thing which the interior minister did wrong was hurling allegations against Aitzaz Ahsan.


Karachi, April 31.