ISLAMABAD - After the disclosure of over 400 more Pakistanis’ names in Panama leaks Jamaat-i-Islami has decided to launch train march from Khyber to Karachi from May 23 with the aim to highlight the negative fallout of corruption on the overall progress and prosperity of the people of the country.

Talking to media in Islamabad after attending a function, JI Amir Senator Sirajul Haq said that the train march would be launched by the end of this month and they would also invite other political parties to join them in the campaign against the menace of corruption eating up the resources of the country.

Sources in the party informed that before the train march JI would be holding big public gatherings at Bajour on May 14 and Kohat on May 15 in connection with its countrywide drive against corruption.

Terming corruption as more fatal for the country than any external threat, Senator Sirajul Haq called upon all the political parties to throw out the black sheep in their ranks and pave way for the establishment of corruption free democratic order in the country.

JI Amir stressed the need for launching a campaign against corruption at national level to purge the society of the corrupt elements from all strata of society and at all levels in the government departments.

Pointing out lacunae in the prevalent judicial system in the country, Senator Sirajul Haq, who had already launched a nation-wide campaign against corruption in the country, said that not only the judicial system but also all public service departments needed complete overhaul to make it public friendly.

He demanded bringing reforms in electoral mechanism so that the next general elections could reflect the true mandate of the people of Pakistan.

He said that if the looted money from the corruption people could be coughed out and the money they had stashed outside the country could be brought back all the outstanding loans of the country could be paid.

To a question, he said that they would chase the corrupt people all over the country be it the Punjab or Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa they would make things impossible for the looters and plunderers of the national wealth, as it would be the only way to put the country on road to progress and make things easy for common man.