ATTOCK/CHACH: JUI-F leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmad has said his party will not serve as defence counsel for corruption, adding we want to save system and not Nawaz Sharif .

“JUI-F will not become defence counsel for corruption. Our parliamentary compulsions must not be misconstrued. JUI-F wants to save system rather than Nawaz Sharif . Defending system is not defending corruption of any one,” he said this while talking to senior journalists of Hazroo today.

He went on to say, bypassing the parliament with reference to accountability of government and opposition is beauty of corruption. The political leadership in Balochistan should also be held accountable, like civil bureaucracy following the accountability of establishment and IG FC.

He held that the way nationalist leadership trampled the rights of Balochistan; this is a small example of it.

Success of Sadiq Khan for mayor-ship of London is a real change, he said adding the crushing defeat of brother in law will bring change in the minds of those who are claimants of change.

To a question he said that following the shahadat of Benazir Bhutto people used to think that democracy was the biggest revenge but it was proved that corruption was a real revenge from the nation.