LAHORE - A seminar on ‘Academic Writing’ as part of a series of talks on creative writing was held yesterday at superior university by the M Phil students of mass communication and management.  The seminar’s lecture was delivered by Dr Kashif Malik (PHD, USA).

The seminar was held at Superior corporate office. Dr Kashif highlighted the fact that researchers should always start from scratch; firstly a researcher should identify the problem, write the hypothesis and after that a methodology should be designed.

The researcher should always try to think out of the box. The objective was to introduce develop research skills in students, improve their communication and writing capabilities which they apply in professional journalism. It was attended by students from different universities and renowned journalists of Lahore.

M Phil mass communication student Nimra Pervez said, “media students are good when it comes to ideas and expressions but when it comes to research you will find only few publications so its need of time to encourage research in our society.”