A beautiful society is where everything functions smoothly. With uninterrupted practice of social norms and the unquestioned writ of law and order, a society appears to be heaven. When an inhabitant does not find any malpractice, maladjustment, corruption and violation of law and order, that society looks to him the most beautiful place in the world.

Sometimes a society is plagued with such things that it gets destroyed and deformed and it loses its all charm and attraction. Certain social vices are likely to destroy its beauty.

It, thus, becomes necessary to eliminate these things. Our society is also tormented by a few stigmas that have discoloured its beauty.

Injustice and lawlessness is one of the major social vices found in our society. Every now and then we see that “Might is right” is what rules over the society. Justice is just like a heavenly food relished by only the privileged and the influential people of society. The victims of cruelty and oppression don’t get anything especially if they are poor and suppressed. We find many incidents in our cities and villages where justice is dispensed at the discretion of powerful.

A society without justice is like a jungle full of beasts and savages, where there is no protection for the weak and timid.

Another social evil that is rampant in our society is nepotism or favourtism. This has really done a great harm to our society. Almost every influential and privileged person tries to bless unfairly his kith and kin. Our political leaders are the perpetrators of this social crime. In this way they deprive those who really deserve and come up to the merit.

This social crime of nepotism does provoke its victims and makes them rebels. Their defiant attitude results in so many other social evils like corruption, robbery, bribery, trafficking, extortion and kidnapping for ransom.

Bribery has also plaguing our society, where palm are greased to get unjustified and unfair benefits. Bribery spoils the charm of society in many ways. Firstly, it brings in such people at the front who does not deserve and, thus, rule of merit is crushed.

Crushing the merit actually results in the loss of quality and standard. Secondly, it hurts those who want to seek something on merit. The act of bribe is so much rampant that even people on merit have to go for it as a last resort when they are being deprived of what they actually deserve. We witness in almost every public department that from a peon to the higher authorities is engaged in this shameful act.

Another social evil that society is infested with is intolerance. We don’t have patience to listen others. Patience and tolerance is the beauty of a society. A society is said to be civilised and well-mannered when people respect one another’s opinion.

Quite tragically, in our society this is something that we are missing desperately. Even the most educated strata of society don’t have patience to listen and respect your ideas. Everyone is trying to impose his religious, political and social ideas and philosophies on others without caring about the feeling of others.

Adulteration is another social evil in our society. Adulteration means to make any eatable or usable less purified pretending that it is as pure as natural. This social crime is highly dangerous in the sense that adulterers play with the life of others when they commit adulteration as to eatables.

A very common example of adulteration is milk available on shops. There was a time when milk was only available at certain hours and at particular points. If you were a little late in getting to the milkman’s arena, you would likely to miss this holy blessing.

Thanks to adulteration that now you can notice that milk is available around the clock at cheaper. Recently we have a few cases of adulteration in meat as well. Many renowned restaurants have been sealed using unlawful and prohibited meat.

Exploitation also rules our society. The perpetrators of this social crime take full use of their position and black-mail the sufferers. Exploitation means to take full advantage of your position when the other party has no option but you.

These blotches are what have spoiled the beauty of our society. If we want to eradicate these stigmas, we should start now. Start it from our own. We must have self-accountability that what I have offered to beautify society and what I have committed to worsen it. Self-accountability is the only solution to the whole matter.


The writer is a student at University of

Lahore, and can be reached at