Dr Adeeb-ul-Hasan Rizvi has accomplished what no other has seemed to accomplish in Pakistan. Dr adeeb-ul-Hasan Rizvi is the head of Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), successfully conducted Pakistan’s first liver transplant surgery. Liver transplant is a complicated and expensive surgery, not everyone can afford that. However, Dr. Adeeb-ul-Hasan Rizvi is one of few doctors in Pakistan who believe in facilitating every patient. According to Dr. Adeed-ul-Hasan Rizvi, “We cannot let them die just because they cannot afford to live”. Before this, patients prefer to go to foreign countries to cope up with the disease. Now it is feasible for every patient, from any economic group they come from they can get the surgery done. Dr. Adeeb-ul-Hasan Rizvi is the gem of a person; he is epitome of kindness and the best example of the human being. Pakistan needs more people like him, but unfortunately, we never promote such personalities. It is necessary to give special appreciation to him, because he is one of the biggest assets of our society. 


Islamabad, April 30.