MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Nearly all the link roads in Mandi Bahauddin district are still in the state of dilapidation and need urgent repair despite repeated complaints made by the residents to the authorities concerned.

Local people said, “The authorities concerned should start the reconstruction work and make these roads fit for use in order to facilitate the transportation of goods and traveling of the people. Passengers have been confronting great hardship in passing through these broken and dilapidated roads and many accidents have taken place because of the poor condition of the roads.”

They said the 46km Mandi Bahauddin-Sarai Alamgir Road that runs along Upper Jhelum Canal had developed potholes and cracks due to lack of maintenance and gets inundated at various places during rain. Driving on it especially at night is very risky due to its bad condition as several accidents have claimed lives of passengers, they said.

In some cases, the vehicles at night fell in the canal that were discovered later when the canal was closed for cleaning and de-silting.

The 33km Mandi Bahauddin-Malakwal Road’s condition is also worse. It also runs along Lower Jhelum Canal. It is broken at various points and unfit for vehicular traffic and transportation of goods. People of Malakwal Subdivision have to visit district Mandi Bahauddin frequently for work. Due to bad condition of the road, they consume hours and hours in the travelling to cover the short distance of 33km.

The 56-km Mandi Bahauddin-Kharian Road is also broken at some places with ditches that cause great trouble and inconvenience to the commuters. Besides, Mojian Wala Bridge on Gujrat Distributary was built in 1910 when there was no vehicular traffic or asphalt road. It is narrow and heavy vehicles pass over it with great care. Two-way roads bend in one way road at the bridge and at this point many accidents have occurred. Also the bridge needs reconstruction and expansion to facilitate the passage of traffic and avoid further accidents.

Mandi Bahauddin -Sargodha Road has turned into two-way highway from Miana Gondal to Bhikhi but 15km road from Bhikhi to Mandi Bahauddin has been left in its old condition. This portion is so bad that drivers have to use alternative routes along Gujrat Distributary to avoid it.

People’s repeated requests for its reconstruction have not drawn heed of the authorities concerned. Similarly, a 12-km portion of Mandi Bahauddin-Phalia Road up to Mangat is broken. People of the districts urged the Punjab government to take note of the poor condition of the link roads in this district and arrange their reconstruction for convenience of the commuters and transporters.