BAHAWALPUR - The Jamaat-e-Islami said that the restoration of provincial status of Bahawalpur is the right of the local people, flaying the PPP and the PML-N for doing nothing for the purpose in their several regimes.

Neither the PML-N nor the PPP fulfilled their promise they would make during electioneering, JI’s Parliamentary Leader in Punjab Assembly Dr Syed Wasim Akhtar said. The time is ripe that people of Bahawalpur should support Jamaat e Islami in its movement for prosperity in Pakistan.

He was talking to different delegations at JI’s public secretariat. He said that people sitting on the throne had been holding the public hostage for the past 70 years, these are the same people’s children who have been slaves to the East India Company, they have attained vast properties for betraying their nation and on the basis of these properties they are doing politics, and taken over the government and national institutions. They have usurped the rights of people and kept the people deprived of their basic rights by doing corruption of every type, he regretted.

He said that it is necessary to get rid of the thieves for the purpose the honest people get united and make decision against corruption and corrupt system.

POLICE DIRECTIVES: The regional police has directed to put security on high alert and ensure the provision of fool proof security to religious places including mosques and Imambargahs on the occasion of Shab-e-Baraat. In this regard, a notification has been issued to the DPOs in Bahawalpur division.

RPO Idrees Ahmad directed for scanning and screening of the stages and other locations of places where religious programmes are to be held by special branch and bomb disposal staff before the start of the programmes.

“Parking of the cars, motorcycles be established at least 200 meters away from the mosques/Imambargah, security officials be deployed on the rooftops of the mosques, people coming to mosques or religious public gatherings be physically searched and made them go through walkthrough gates and check them with metals detectors,” he directed.

He directed for installation of CCTV cameras at the important and sensitive mosques and Imambargahs with the help of administration and ensuring the presence of trained staff for its monitoring for 24 hours. Permanent pickets be established around these mosques and imambargahs and also deploy additional force so that no unpleasant incident can happen, he said.