LOS ANGELES-Billy Ray Cyrus has revealed the new music of his daughter Miley is the result of her recent soul-searching.

The 24-year-old star has been busily working on her sixth album, ‘Malibu’, over recent months and her father has revealed that Miley’s soon-to-be-released record will expose a more vulnerable side to his daughter’s personality. Speaking on the red carpet at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, he shared: ‘’I think she just kind of found herself at a spot where it was a good time to lean into her roots and just enjoy the music process, and dig deep in her soul.

‘’She’s got a great album coming out.’’

Miley’s sister Noah is similarly enthusiastic about the release of her new album.

She told ET Online: ‘’[Miley has] been working on music for a while. She’s always been who she wants to be, you know. She’s doin’ it!’’

Noah, 17, is also excited to be following in her older sibling’s footsteps by moving into the music business.

The ‘Stay Together’ hitmaker has a longstanding passion for music but has patiently waited for the right moment to release her own material.

She explained: ‘’[Music was] always running through my veins. I’ve always loved music, except I’ve tried to avoid for a little while.

‘’And then, when I was 14 I was like, ‘I want to be in music, I’m ready now.’ But I waited until I was a little older, I didn’t want to be a 14-year-old on the road.’’

Meanwhile, Miley recently claimed that her sister is similarly open-minded in her approach to life.

Miley said: ‘’She basically grew up in L.A. She’s never known anything different. She doesn’t even know she’s open-minded, it’s the only kind of mind she has ever known.’’