KASUR - With the rise in mercury, sale of unhygienic and substandard cold drinks, fruit chaat and ice creams has get momentum across the district, especially outside schools.

The report of a survey conducted by this correspondent reveals that vendors have thronged schools with the arrival of summer to sell poorly prepared beverages and other unhygienic food items to children. According to experts, these edibles are prepared under poor hygienic conditions and besides, abundance of flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other such pests at the stalls of vendors make their beverages and food items more injurious to health. The vendors are also not admonished and prohibited by the schools management and have been selling ‘diseases’ to schoolchildren without let or hindrance. Several incidents have been reported in the district wherein children have fallen prey to different diseases i.e. fever, sore throat etc, after consuming unhygienic food items from the stalls.

Social and political figures demanded the government to immediately impose a ban on the sale of unhygienic foodstuffs outside schools. The road vendors should also be directed to adopt strict safety measures to ensure hygienic condition of their food items, they added.